Parent  Teacher Organization

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Here are some important updates from our last PTO meeting!

  • Our next meeting will be Monday, August 15th at 6:30 PM! Please mark your calendars and plan on coming for important back-to-school information!

  • We've purchased a new wooden playhouse to replace the plastic ones that we've thrown out. We will have a work day later this summer to assemble this house, fix the slide, replace the rock wall handholds, and replace the rotten boards on the catwalk. More information is coming soon.

  • We are planning a popcorn and movie night for some evening in September. This will be a free event for all RCCA families to come and meet new people and hang out with old friends. The date of this event is TBD, but please reply to this email with movie suggestions that are appropriate for all ages. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or suggestions! Have a fantastic summer!

** If you are interested in joining the RCCA PTO, please respond to this email! We are also on Facebook as "RCCA PTO". 


Dr. Alyssa N. Leonard, PTO president

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Alyssa Leonard

PTO President

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