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Little Rams preschool is a blended program of Christ-centered academics and social development presented in a creative and fun manner. We encourage hands-on exploration and discovery of God’s world. RCCA's Preschool program ensures a fluid transition into our full-day Kindergarten program by building a foundation of basic knowledge needed to successfully approach this next transition in education. 

Age Requirements

Students must be 3 years old to enroll in our preschool program. Students must be potty-trained.

Lil’ Ram's Facilities

Our secure preschool department includes a spacious room that is designed for your student's development and safety.  All exterior doors are locked during school hours; visitors must enter through the main school entrance.
All preschool staff have completed a background check and there are CPR/First Aid certified faculty on site at all times.

School Day

Drop Off- Between 7:45am-7:55am

Pick-up- 2:15pm

Aftercare- 2:15pm-6pm ($15 per day)

Tuition (10 or 12 Month Payment Plan Option Available)

Application Fee- $125

Monday/Wednesday/Friday- $3,400/ School Year

Monday-Friday- $4,500/ School Year

Our Mission

Since 1960, Ross Corners Christian Academy has offered high quality Preschool-12th grade education, and we believe that children are a precious gift from God.

These programs exist for the following purposes:

  1. To teach children God's love and His works. Bible stories, character qualities of Christ, songs and scripture are emphasized daily

  2. To develop self-worth. "You are special because God made you!"

  3. To increase verbal skills by encouraging children to use words when interacting with others

  4. To introduce academic readiness skills. Students are exposed to many learning experiences and mastery of each skill comes when the child is developmentally ready

  5. To develop a positive attitude toward school and learning

What Can I Expect in a Typical Day at Little Rams?

While every day is unique, each will include the following in some capacity

  •  Quality Education: : The instructional times during class remain centered on the A Beka curriculum and we teach and encourage a mastery of reading one and two vowel words. Our small reading groups take the children through little readers which get sent home upon completion. The students are also introduced to basic math concepts, as well as writing numbers and counting to 100.

  • Centers: Each day your child will have an opportunity to practice their social skills-sharing, problem solving and critical thinking- during centers! This includes blocks, dramatic play, puzzles and more!

  • Circle Time: Each morning your child will participate in a circle time, which will include Bible time and prayer, calendar skills, songs, and more!

  • Craft time: Each day your child an opportunity to develop their fine motor skills-cutting, gluing, and coloring, as well as listening skills and their ability to follow directions!

  • Recess: A time to get all the wiggles out and develop their gross motor skills! Each day your preschooler will enjoy free play on our outdoor playground or in our onsite gymnasium.

  •  Snack Time: Social skills as well as fine motor skills are developed during snack time! Little Ram's preschoolers will have a morning and afternoon snack time. Please pack these for your child.


Miss Ashley Lane, BRE

PreK 4 Teacher

Davis College


Miss Ashley Lane serves as the lead Preschool

Teacher for RCCA’s Little Rams Preschool and teaches our PreK4 students. She is a graduate of Davis College. 


Miss Lane has faithfully served as a teacher in RCCA’s PreK3 and PreK4 classrooms since 2019.  Prior to coming to RCCA, Miss Lane taught elementary at North Spencer Christian Academy, Candor Elementary School and worked at Abide in the Vine Childcare center with newborns through 6th graders.  She spent many summers teaching Art at the Spencer Van-Etten Summer Enrichment Camp. 


One of Miss Lane’s favorite parts of being in the classroom are the “light bulb moments” when a student finally grasps a new concept, an idea or a stroke of inspiration. Miss Lane’s passion for teaching preschoolers shines in all she does each day. She is a graduate of RCCA, and considers it an honor to teach at her “alma mater.”


Mrs. Domenica Woolsey Rising, BS

PreK 3 Teacher

Liberty University

Mrs. Rising served as RCCA’s Aftercare Coordinator and Preschool Teacher’s Aide prior to teaching RCCA’s PreK3 class.  She is a graduate of Liberty University and holds a passion and love for preschoolers and teaching our youngest RCCA students from a biblical worldview. As the oldest of 13 children, Mrs. Rising brings incredible patience and positivity to our PreK3 classroom. From circle time, to reading, numbers, phonics, snacks, lunch, recess, crafts, centers, and rest time - Mrs. Rising gracefully manages it all with a smile, organization, and genuine love and care for our children in RCCA’s Little Rams Preschool. 


Mrs. Jen Cheney

Preschool Teacher's Aide



Emily Rice

Preschool Teacher's Aide


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