Homeschool Cooperative Program

Grades 7-12

Our Program 

It is the desire of RCCA to assist parents in their God-given responsibility to educate their children, whether they choose a traditional school environment or homeschooling. RCCA’s Homeschool Cooperative is for students whose families are committed to homeschooling as an educational choice and desire outside courses to supplement their homeschool curriculum. Homeschool parents who participate in this program are responsible for reporting RCCA courses and grades to their school districts. Parents will have access to their child’s grades and homework completion records online through RenWeb.

We offer our junior and senior high school classes to homeschool students as space allows. Tentative class schedules will be available in March. A placement test may required for those registering for a math, Spanish or science class. A reading comprehension/language test may be required for those registering for an English or history class.


Please e-mail or call the school office at 607-748-3301 to discuss detailed coursework and scheduling.


Extra-Curricular Programs 2022-2023



At this time, RCCA enrolled students and returning homeschool students who participated in 2021-2022 may join the RCCA basketball teams this season.


If there is still space available on the RCCA basketball teams, new 7th- 12th grade homeschool students may apply and wait for TRY OUTS for the JV and Varsity basketball teams.  A completed home school application should be submitted along with an interview with the RCCA School Administrator.


This is reserved for RCCA enrolled students only for 2022-2023.

Homeschool Application Procedure

1. Submit your completed application and $25 registration fee to RCCA. 


2. Submit two completed recommendation forms (Can be from a pastor, youth pastor, teacher, previous teacher, or a family friend) 


3. Submit to the school the following items- Health records, copy of birth certificate, immunization record, and sports physical. After we have received these items, you will be scheduled to interview with the School Administrator.


*If taking an academic class, you need to be prepared to show a final grade for any pre-requisite courses.

**A complete Homeschool application (including 2 references and up tp date physical and immunizations records) must be submitted and your interview with the school administrator must be completed by Nov. 1, 2022  to be to considered in the RCCA basketball "wait pool".

Sport & Academic Course Fees for Homeschoolers

7th -12th Grade Full Credit Academic Course $800 per course or $80/mo.


7th -12th Grade Soccer $175 *Must be paid in full


7th -12th Grade Basketbal- $300 *Must be paid in full