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The 10th Grade class is selling handmade, individualized posters to be displayed on the walls of our gym for home games. They can be personalized any way you would like, with names, verses, pictures, and encouragement! Let your favorite athlete know you are proud! These posters are completely customizable, and yours to keep after the game!


How much do the Posters cost?

Pay with cash or check made out to RCCA- $10

Pay online with Paypal- $10.50 (to cover paypal fees)

How can I order?

There are a few ways to order. You can contact a member of the Junior Class, call the school office at 748-3301 or email You can also order online!


**If ordering online, please first click the "Pay Now" Button to place your order. Then click on "Customize Poster" to tell us how you would like your poster personalized!


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